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Cedric’s School Part 1 – narrated by Newteddy

Here’s a new thing I’m trying – audio. Just play each time a clip comes up and let me know if the technology works and if it improves the experience. … Continue reading

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When the water can kill you

Sometimes cow poo comes out of the tap. Sometimes the water looks like a cup of black coffee. This is the water the people in the area around the town … Continue reading

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Back to school – memories, outrage and hope

I visited my old school the other day. It was a strange mix of fond memories, outrage and hope.¬† Going back to the TESOL school¬†campus on the site of the … Continue reading

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Lubumbashi part 1

In Lubumbashi town centre, in the middle of one of the busiest roundabouts, stands a robot directing traffic. A tall grey boxy robot, its eyes flash as it surveys the … Continue reading

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A few thoughts on driving in Africa

It’s been a long trip driving from the eastern edge to almost half way across this vast continent and back. We seem to have spent as much time in a … Continue reading

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Lubumbashi part 2

It’s not the poverty that gets you down, living in one of the world’s poorest countries. It’s the extremes. Ok so the poverty is clearly not great. It’s hideous. Still … Continue reading

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People are not money

A quick note to go with my rant, my Uncle Matthew tells me they received $93,000 NZD from the New Zealand High Commissioner in South Africa to help set up … Continue reading

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